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TACK SALE Sat 22nd June
Gelding Special Offer for 2013
A busy time


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TACK SALE Sat 22nd June

Gelding Special Offer for 2013

For the whole of this year we are offering colt gelding for an amzing fixed price of £200.
Including all sedation, up to 2yrs old.
Get yours booked in.


Free Visit Zone Days are now up and running !!!!
Starting from Monday 27th April you can get a free visit for your routine treatments for your horse, pony or donkey.
Simply book by 6pm the day before your zone, and then pay the vet at the time by either cash or card to qualify.
You can have vaccinations and dentals carried out under the free visit, no emergencies or same day bookings qualify,
Don't delay Book Today :-)

A busy time

Spring is always a good time for getting new plans put into action, and we've had a few of those lately.
We would like to welcome a new team member, Tina is starting with us on Monday. I'm sure she will be a huge asset to the company, and we know you will find her very helpful.
We are also about to introduce free visit zone days .... We have made the map of locations and selected the days, just a matter of hours and it will be ready.
Starting from Monday 29th April you can book on your relevant day for your routine work and pay no visit charge :-) Simply make sure you book by the day before at the latest.
And later today we will be releasing this coming months special offer.
We hope to see you soon, why not like our facebook page for easy updates on our news and offers.


15% OFF Neutering
Having your dog neutered can significantly reducethe risk of mammary cancer in later years and prevent any infections resultingin pyometra. And also reduce the risk of prostate cancer, and help withaggression.
Having your cat neutered willhelp stop unwanted spraying, calling and also wandering off to find a mate.
Having your rabbit neutered willalso help prevent cancers, and we all know about rabbits breeding !!
This is huge saving, don’t delay,book today.
Valid from 11/03/2013 to05/04/2013
Please quote ‘Neuter Offer’ whenyou book

Mandatory Microchipping of dogs

Dogs in England must be microchipped by April 2016
This is an extract from the BBC news article released today.
"Every dog owner in England will have to microchip their animal by April 2016 under plans aimed at cutting the growing number of strays.The government says owners who refuse to comply with changes to the Animal Welfare Act face fines of up to £500.Rice-sized microchips with a code containing the contact details of owners will be fitted to dogs.A legal loophole could also be closed, meaning owners could face prosecution if their dog attacked on private land."
This process can be done simply and quickly in the practice, by the vet inserting a small chip under the skin of your dog. And if you join our Pet Care Plan, a microchip is included in your low monthly payment. Just give us a quick call to book your microchip, before it's too late.

February 2013 Speacial Offer

February Special Offer
Does your dog or cat suffer from stiffness, have trouble making it outside quick enough ???
Small animal logoWhy not book in for a free consultation to discuss the various options available to help your pet stay mobile for longer, and be more comfortable.
Arthritis is a condition affecting many different species, and there are many products available to help alleviate the symptoms.
We are able to offer you affordable treatment options, that can make a real difference to your pets quality of life for the long term.

Stable Mate App

The new Stable Mate app from Pfizer.
The Stable Mate app, brought to you by Equest & Equest Pramox, makes it easy to your horse's health needs, while being fun at the same time!
Create a virtual stable on your phone for up to 10 horses. Fill in all the useful information needed to keep track of their health routine, including worm control, vaccinations, dentistry and farriery. The app then automatically creates a calendar of events and appointments.
Track my ride allows you to map where you have been riding each horse and details are kept in a history log. Your rides can then be shared with friends on Facebook and Twitter.
Stable Mate also gives you on the go access to the latest equestrian news, direct to your mobile from Horse and Hound.
How useful will that be, simply go to your app store and

January 2013 Special Offer

Special Offer for January 2013
A good New Year Resolution would be to get your pet Microchipped, so he or she can always be returned to you safely should they ever wonder off, or even worse be taken.
You can do this through the month of January for an amazing price of just £12.98, that's less than half price.
*******Don't delay, book today ********

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